Of playgrounds, gumdrops and daycares

Title: Of playgrounds, gumdrops and daycares
Pairing: RyeoMinHenry, KangTeuk, HanSiChul, KyuBum, EunHae, Shindong/his blanket, ZhouiMi, Yesung
Rating: G
Summary: Suju goes to the daycare. 
Warning: Leeteuk is a girl. 

A/N: I'm sorry about my last. D: I was shocked when we had almost the same things. T_T Hope you guys (especially oatmeal_peril  ) would forgive meee. :) I deleted it, if you're all wondering. :|

Also, This is a request for lunaissmiley105  . Spot for her. :)

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Hey there, Everyone. ^^ I'm going on a hiatus for a while or longer cos of school. -_____-; But, I'll still update sometime and even read some stories .^^ So hope you guys won't get to mad about it. >_< School's been hectic and homework and projects and all, so hope you guys will understand. ^______________^ I'll be back soon, guys. Promise. (^_^v) 

Bye guys. T^T;

Oh yeah, here's some Hae for you all. ^_^

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